Poly Dropper Flicker System

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DM Plastics & Steel (DM) now recommend the Poly Dropper Flicker system of fencing. The system promises to lower agricultural fence costs by 20-30% and bring a host of fence improvements to graziers.

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How it works
The ‘flicker’ system uses the standard DM Poly Dropper and turns it into a ’post’.   The Poly Dropper Flicker is a short, resilient, hollow and heavy duty stake with tapered ends.

It is first driven into the ground beside the fence line leaving a sturdy 150mm end showing.
A simple sliding driver called a Flicker Driver is used. The standard Poly Dropper end is then pushed over the tapered top end of the Flicker. About 50-80mm is sufficient. The Poly Dropper has now been turned into a light, springy low cost fence post. Simply clip the fence wires to the dropper to complete the fence.

20-30% savings
Graziers are now using only the Flicker and Polydropper for the entire fence line with one strainer at each end. Now large intermediary posts are not needed.  Because each Poly Dropper, itself, becomes a post, larger intermediate posts are no longer required, except for hills and gullies.  This system cuts the previous cost of fencing with wood or steel posts by 20-30%. 


*  Stronger - stock (eg crossbreed sheep) cannot feed and push under the fence base

*  Resilient -‘crazed animals’ cannot destroy the fence; it merely ‘flicks’ back up when knocked over

*  Easy and Fast to Install - Dramatically lowers fence costs. Flickers may be easily installed to existing Poly Droppers. A contractor remarked “Flickers make Poly Droppers work harder for you”.

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