Prudent Trellis Clip System


Used to secure "cordon" or foliage wires to wood posts allowing easy wire relocation while resisting wire wear, and machinery damage.  Ideal for vertical shoot positioning.

*  Easy to use, wire is held secuerly but is easy to lift out or re-position
*  Low cost
*  Easy to install

The staple
*  50mm trellis staple
*  Prevents clip turning or being knocked off by harvesting and pruning machines
*  Designed with a greatly enlarged barb to anchor into soft wood posts
*  Designed with the barb nearer the end to grip deeper into the post

The Clip
*  Made of tough U.V. resistant polyethelene
*  Double ended hook allows wire to be forced upwards or downwards
*  Load bearing area is 17mm wide
*  Protects galvanising on wire from wear by wind movement of foliage

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