Vinstakes & Extensions


Vineyard Trellis Post and Post Extension System

VInstake is suitable for loads up to 37 tonne/Ha (15 tons/acre).  Ideal for high quality crops, controlled bud numbers, sunlight fruit development, Shoot or Cane positioning such as Vertical Shoot Positiioning, Scott Henry, Smart Dyson and Ballerina. 

*  Wires snap in easily and are retained against the wind
*  Mechanical or manual foliage wire lifting
*  Foliage wires can follow changing canopy growth development
*  Sunlight into crop providing colour and disease control
*  Wind management
*  Springflex system - vines mechanically harvest easily

*  1.6mm thick high-tensile steel standard duty posts
*  Strong - Heavy GALVANISED and "Lanolin" coated to resist corrosive environments. 
*  Tags spaced at 120mm to hold trellis wires 
*  Plain untagged base for maximum strength 
*  Wedges into soil to prevent sinking
*  Long-lasting
*  Versatile
*  Easily installed 
*  Low cost
*  Wire clips are an integral part of the post.  They can be produced to any length and the clip, or tab, spacing is 120mm.

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