Windmill Pull-rod Adjusters

The adjuster provides a total length adjustment of 795mm  for the top end of a windmill pull-rod system.

The fine adjustement provides fine tuning of the bucket position to remove any bottoming. Raising / lowering is done simply by using a pair of spanners.

Adjuster has an all Steel construction. The Pull-rod Top Adjuster has a 5/8" (16mm) BSW male thread at the lower end to screw directly into a 5/8" BSW pull-rod or to be adapted to a 1/2" pull-rod. The brass fitting has an O-ring face seal to connect to the pull-rod or adaptor.

The top end has a 5/8" (16mm) BSW male thread which has a swivel connection to the Adjuster tube (also acts to prevent "bottoming breakage"). CONNECTING TO THE WINDMILL PITMAN ARM - the Pull-Rod Top Adaptor has a "Deep Nut" at its top end. Either weld or bolt this to the arm bracket.



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